Our new state of the art trenchless equipment

Cures as fast as 5.4' per minute (324 feet per hour)!* Maximum distance of 328' (100m)

Adds at least 50 years of service life to pipe


For pipe diameters of 4 – 10" (100 – 250mm)


Navigates bends up to 90°

Meets or exceeds ASTM F1216


Single diameter transition liners available


Curing speeds will vary based on diameter and wall thickness.

fractures the existing pipe and replaces it entirely Pipe bursting in Columbia, Charlotte, Greenville is often preferred when the existing pipe is so badly damaged or deteriorated that it simply has to be replaced.

The existing pipe is fractured from the inside, and as it is fractured a new pipe is installed directly in its place. The pipe fragments are forced outward so that they do not interfere with the new pipe.

Bluelight LED is
a Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining system for laterals and small sewer pipes 4 to 10" in diameter. While traditional CIPP lining systems use epoxy resins cured with steam, hot water or ambient air, the Bluelight System uses specially-formulated resin that cures with LED light. The primary advantage of the Bluelight system is the speed at which it cures - up to 5 times faster than conventional curing methods.